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Dallas based, Training for Hispanics in the Workplace was established in 1992 by Isaac Botbol, a bilingual, Leadership Skills facilitator. He provides workshops throughout the United States and Mexico in the food processing, food manufacturing, and hospitality industries.

Early on in his career, he noticed that while organizations were requesting leadership training for their middle and senior management, there was a general lack of leadership training available for non-English fluent, Spanish speaking supervisors and team leaders. Mr. Botbol’s ability to speak Spanish, along with his experience in production and manufacturing workplaces were the perfect combination for the birth of Training for Hispanics in the Workplace (TFHW). For the last 27 years, TFHW has developed the workshops that have been designed for the specific workplace learning needs of first-generation, non-English fluent Hispanic supervisors, and front line employees.

The workshops provided in The Leadership Series – Level 1, helps them realize the impact their behaviors have on their team members. They learn about the importance of communicating with respect, managing aggressive behaviors, both their own as well as their team members. They learn to manage conflict situations and provide constructive feedback and avoid the automatic tendency to resort to negative criticism.

Isaac Botbol, Training Director

Isaac Botbol, Training Director

Isaac is an experienced bilingual Leadership Skills Trainer with 29 years of experience. He is dedicated to providing leadership workshops that are designed for the specific learning needs of Spanish-speaking Team Leaders, Supervisors and Front-Line employees. He is the author of “First Generation Hispanics in the American Workplace”. He has worked with organizations such as AT&T, The Quaker Oats Company, The Texas Workforce Commission, Sara Lee Foods and others.

Selene de la Peña, Bilingual Trainer

Selene de la Peña, Bilingual Trainer

Selene is an engaging bilingual facilitator committed to developing herself and helping to develop others. She has accumulated more than 20 years of HR experience in the areas of leadership training, labor relations, workplace culture, policy development, company benefits, community outreach, and performance improvement. She has experience working with and training employees in different industries such as Service, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Call Centers, Legal Services, Retail, Government agencies, and Oil and Gas. She currently works as a facilitator and HR consultant.

Most Spanish speaking supervisors are promoted because of their many years with the company, job knowledge, and strong work ethic. The transition from team member, or team lead to supervisor is one that carries immense responsibilities.

In The Leadership Series, the supervisors learn the skills they need to motivate the team members, deal with aggressive behaviors and promote a culture of respect and civility in the workplace.

They learn to solve problems by applying process based leadership principles rather than by ineffective gut reactions.
Building a workplace culture that encourages each team member to be accountable for his or her behaviors is one of the most powerful and creative methods of establishing a high-performance work environment.

For many Spanish speaking supervisors, leadership training is not a familiar experience. It's probably the first they appear in front of an instructor.

The reactions are almost always the same. At first, they feel intimidated, fearing they might be challenged or worse, embarrassed by questions they may not be able to answer correctly. Once they realize that they’re learning practical leadership principles they can apply in the workplace, they begin to let go of their defenses. This is when the energy is released, the questions begin to fly and the sheer desire to know more is suddenly released.

It’s heartwarming to know that the leadership workshops can make a significant difference in improving their quality of life in the workplace.

Providing a leadership training program for first generation, non-English fluent Hispanic employees can be a challenging task. Many leadership training programs fail to reach their learning objectives because they don’t take into account the cultural differences and specific learning preferences.

Hispanic supervisors want to "live the learning". They don't want to hear the facilitator deliver a lecture or present theoretical ideas. They want to own what they learn so that they can apply it immediately outside of the classroom.

Story telling that illustrates and brings to life the leadership principles are also highly effective. Once these methods are applied and combined with the skills practice sessions, the facilitator not only enforces the key points but gains the trust of the participants as well.

Leadership Workshops for Spanish Speaking Supervisors