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The American Manager and The Hispanic Supervisor

The Hispanic supervisor has cultural and language challenges that are unique. In managing her team members, she has to provide instructions to the Spanish speaking team members, mediate conflicts and attempt to resolve their work issues and challenges. Later, she leaves the production area and attends or leads a meeting with the English-speaking managers. The

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Challenges of the Spanish Speaking Supervisors

When Spanish speaking team members become supervisors, they suddenly face unfamiliar leadership challenges. Before the promotion to supervisor, their job responsibilities were fairly straightforward, routine and predictable. As team members, they naturally formed a bond of friendship with their coworkers. They viewed each other as equals. But now as team leaders, the buddy relationship they

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Attention Managers: Spanish Speaking Supervisors and Team Leads Need Your Support and Recognition

Recently, I conducted a series of leadership workshop in a food processing company. Separate workshops were presented in both, English and Spanish. Each of the groups was composed of managers, supervisors and team leads. As a facilitator, I avoid presenting leadership workshops when the higher-ups are sharing the same training room with those who report

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Inspiring Spanish Speaking Supervisors to Succeed

As a leadership trainer who works with first-generation Hispanic employees, I’m often inspired by their sincere willingness to learn. For most Spanish speaking supervisors, sitting in a training room with their workbooks is not a familiar experience. In fact, for most Spanish speaking supervisors, it’s the first time they appear in front of an instructor.

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The Power of Words

The words we use define who we are. Words reflect our identity, our ethics, beliefs and, behavior. Words of encouragement can influence us to succeed beyond our expectations. They can move us to push through our self-imposed limits. Words can also destroy. Hurtful, demeaning words can lower our confidence and self-esteem. They can bring us

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Leadership Workshops for Spanish Speaking Supervisors