Conflict occurs when the needs or desires of two or more individuals are incompatible. During conflict situations, our communication and interpersonal skills are tested. Conflict in the workplace is inevitable and our individual responses can intensify, diminish or resolve the conflict.

 Most team members are conscientious employees.  They want to do a good job and they try to get along with their co-workers as best as possible. However, there are always a few challenging team members who create conflict situations. They are difficult to get along with and, they create stress in the workplace.

Team leaders may at times, be unaware how their own aggressive behaviors may be intimidating their team members, causing a workplace culture of fear.

Learning Objectives of the Webinar: 
  • What is Conflict?
  • How is conflict created?
  • How do we view conflict?
  • Conflict and communication styles;
  • Recognizing the source of conflict; and
  • Resolving conflict constructively.