English in the Workplace – On-Line Learning Program

A self-paced training program designed to teach Spanish speaking Supervisors and Team Leaders to:

· develop their ability to communicate with the English speaking employees and;
· to reduce the cultural and communication gap in the workplace

Workplace English is a training program that teaches:
- the specific words, sentences and dialogue of the workplace
- a vocabulary that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

There are 6 sections in the program.
Each section deals with specific workplace issues.

This program has been designed to help the supervisors speak Workplace English in the shortest time possible. With a systematic approach to learning, there is every reason to believe that the learner can communicate effectively in the English language of the workplace.

I’m often asked “how long does it take to learn to speak “Workplace English?”
The answer is completely up to the learner. If he/she devotes a few minutes every day, noticeable results will be achieved within a few short weeks.

Over the years many of many Spanish speaking employees have demonstrated that a desire to learn, and a fixed time for learning a few minutes a day resulted in the ability to effectively communicate with the English speaking employees.

A Note to the Student of Workplace English:
It's important to keep in mind that at times, you will feel frustrated because the progress may not come as quickly as you would like. This is completely normal and part of the learning process. It is also a time that tests you as a learner. Don’t give up! Remember the reasons why you chose to become a better English communicator and continue to hold on to your study habits of this learning program.

I suggest beginning with the topic of your choice and repeat the sentences over and over again. Once you become familiar with the words, your pronunciation skills will definitely improve. Repetition is the key to success!!!

Learning a new language is a lot like learning a new song. The more you hear it, the easier it is to remember the words. Attempt to learn new words and sentences every day and use your Workplace English vocabulary with the English speaking employees. This is a great way to practice and gain confidence and mastery!

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Isaac Botbol