English in the Workplace – Self Paced Learning Program

Workplace English is a self-paced training program designed to teach Spanish speaking Supervisors, Team Leaders and production employees how:
- to communicate with the English speaking employees and;
- reduce the cultural and communication gap in the workplace

Workplace English is a training program that focuses on the everyday specific words, sentences and dialogue of the workplace.
The vocabulary can be immediately applied in the workplace.

There are 10 sections in the self-paced learning program.
Each section deals with specific workplace issues such as:
- Providing Personal and General Information, Greetings and Introductions
- My Job Responsibilities,
- Workplace Conversations
- The Production Line
- The Personal Needs of the Employee

This learning program has been designed to help the Spanish speaking employees speak Workplace English in the shortest time possible.

Over the years many of many Spanish speaking employees have demonstrated that a desire to learn, and a fixed time for learning a few minutes a day resulted in the ability to effectively communicate with the English speaking employees.

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Isaac Botbol, Training Director,
Training for Hispanics in the Workplace

Leadership Workshops for Spanish Speaking Supervisors