In these challenging times, the leadership skills of Front line Supervisors are tested like never before. Team members feel apprehensive, unsure and anxious about their role in the family and the workplace. This is the time when they need to look up to their leadership for help and guidance.

In this webinar, the supervisors will learn to manage their members’ fears as well as their own by learning to maintain a healthy attitude and a realistic approach in handling this sudden turn of events.

It is important to maintain a healthy routine, healthy nutrition, physical exercise and stress relief activities. It’s also important to look at this situation as an opportunity to take care of ourselves, relax and rest, eat healthy, exercise and grow from this new knowledge.

In this webinar the supervisors will learn how to:

  •  address team members’ anxieties
  •  employ calming strategies
  •  control emotional overload
  •  maintain a positive attitude