In the workplace, the line between personal and professional behavior is quickly disappearing. There are employees whose private lives are known to all. Some have no hesitation in discussing their marital issues, and financial difficulties. Gossip among production employees who work in close physical proximity is rampant. They gossip about their aggressive bosses and annoying coworkers.

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned privacy and civil behavior? In the workplace today, the active, uncontrolled and uncensored tongue is working overtime. Life is good as long as I can talk about me, myself and I.

The lack of respect in the workplace has extremely negative consequences. It minimizes the value of the person and ignores the potential for emotional hurt and damage to the person's self-esteem. When respect is lacking, human dignity, trust and morale suffer. This has a tremendous impact on the team's ability to function effectively and leads to a toxic workplace environment. It has become a daily routine to experience whining, bickering, and backstabbing? It seems that the levels of rude behavior, bullying, harassment and the sheer freedom to use foul language has reached epidemic levels.

Perhaps social media and the ability to hide behind our smartphones and gadgets have given us a sense of bravado that allows us to be brash, in your face and downright mean. Perhaps we’re all angry at not getting all the things we feel and think we deserve.

It’s time for leaders to tackle the issues of incivility in the workplace and attempt to teach their team members the value that each person brings to the team.