The Hispanic supervisor has cultural and language challenges that are unique. In managing her team members, she has to provide instructions to the Spanish speaking team members, mediate conflicts and attempt to resolve their work issues and challenges. Later, she leaves the production area and attends or leads a meeting with the English-speaking managers. The Hispanic supervisor must deal with these workplace gymnastics that require two different languages, two different cultures, and two different sets of communication skills.

It’s easy to forget the enormous responsibilities of the front line Hispanic supervisor and his need to receive acknowledgement from you, the leader. He looks up to you for constructive feedback in the performance of his duties and, he is open to receiving guidance and advice.

In today’s pressure cooker business world, our workplace schedule is defined by how much we accomplish or how much we produce. Unfortunately, we pass this task driven belief system on to our supervisors and team members. Getting caught in this cycle however; prevents us from not only developing our own potential but; the potential of those who report to us as well.

When we gain a deeper insight and appreciation of the role of the Hispanic supervisor, we can begin to forge a stronger working relationship and make a commitment to develop her leadership skills.