Learning Objectives of the On-Site Leadership Series

The Leadership Series help Spanish speaking supervisors and team leads to understand the impact of their behaviors on their team members. They learn to treat their team members with respect, how to manage conflict, improve communication skills and manage difficult employees.
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The Leadership Series consist of 4 Workshops

Essential Leadership Skills for Supervisors
Effective Communication Skills
Conflict Resolution Skills
Providing Constructive Feedback

The Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion of the Leadership Series.
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60 Minute Leadership Webinars in Spanish

When production schedules make it difficult for team members to leave their work areas and attend live workshops, the webinars are a convenient solution to providing the basic, essential leadership skills.

Choose from the scheduled webinars.
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What Team Members Want

I want a leader who won't shout at me
• I want a leader that treats me with respect
• I want a leader who can teach me my job
• I want a leader who is patient with me

The number one responsibility of supervisors is to develop their team members' skills and talents.
Most supervisors are promoted because they have been with their organization for a long time and they have gained valuable job skills. However, as team leaders, they often lack the “people skills”.

Effective Leadership Skills
Practical and realistic workshops designed for supervisors and team leaders who speak Spanish as a first language. Team leaders will learn to apply Process Based Leadership skills in the workplace and in their everyday dealings with their team members.   Read More
Respect in the Workplace
A team leader's behavior affects and influences the team members' interactions, morale, and productivity. In this workshop, the leaders learn how to manage their own behaviors and focus on protecting employee self-esteem.                                                 Read More
Communication Skills
The way we use our words, our body language, and voice tone greatly influence the way we communicate. Our communication style defines who we truly are in the workplace. The leaders will learn to analyze the impact of their communication styles.  Read More
English in the Workplace

English in the Workplace

A self-paced learning program designed to help Spanish speaking employees speak English in the workplace by learning the most frequently used English words, sentences and dialogue of a production workplace. Read More

Spanish in the Workplace

Spanish in the Workplace

A self-paced learning program designed to help you speak Spanish in the Workplace. You'll learn the most often used vocabulary and effectively communicate with the Spanish speaking employees.
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